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Geography: Human Characteristics of a Place

These sites are about human characteristics of a place, specifically the area around St. Louis and the Missouri River. Find out about the population, architecture, economics, transportation network, and more. Included is an eThemes resource on the five themes of geography.


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Students can examine the physical and human characteristics of places with this lesson plan by analyzing photographs in a visual scavenger hunt.
Through this lesson, students learn about a variety of the world's archaeological wonders and then design a theme park including these wonders.
Students use this website to discover places' positions, and learn how human and physical factors define eight locations in South America.
Students can learn about the features of maps while creating their own maps showing the human characteristics of a place. This lesson plan is a four-page PDF file.
Here is a lesson plan in which students can explore the effects of geography on human experience. Students can describe a place using its physical and human characteristics, and create a map. This is a 12-page PDF file.
Students can create a mural of their home city and discuss the human characteristics and cultures of places with this lesson plan.
This is an article about cultural diversity in the city of St. Louis.
Read about the geography of the St. Louis region. There is information on the general characteristics, history, culture, population, and more. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Here are articles about the geography of Missouri and its major cities, including facts about the people, cultures, and government. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Developed by the National Council for Geographic Education in 1984, the five themes of geography are Location, Place, Human-Environment Interactions, Movement, and Regions. These websites have definitions of each of the five themes, lesson plan ideas, and resources for exploring individual themes in depth. Includes an eThemes resource on absolute and relative location.
Learn more about Missouri's St. Louis Region. These sites include information on museums, state parks, historic sites, and other places of interest in the St. Louis area. Watch a video of the first Missouri State Capitol. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on the city of St. Louis and European and African settlers.

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