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Health: Metabolism

These sites are about metabolism and the process of metabolism. Learn about metabolism, factors that affect metabolic rate, converting food intake into energy, and staying balanced. Includes lesson plans, interactive materials, and a physical activity calorie-use chart. There are also links to eThemes Resources on diet and nutrition, and obesity.


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In N-Squad Episode 2 students work with foresic scientists to solve an alcohol-related crime. During the activity, they will learn about alcohol metabolism, the role of the circulatory system in processing alcohol, blood alcohol concentration, and headspace gas chromatography.
Watch a video from Tim and Moby explaining metabolism and the importance of metabolism for living organism. Learn about the process of metabolism in humans and plants. There is a quiz and activity at the buttom of page. NOTE: Subscription is required for this site.
Learn about the metabolism process and factors that affect the metabolism rate. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This interactive web resource is a curriculum supplementary for teaching about relationship of calories intake and physical activity. There are student activities, online interactive cases, and teachers' guide.
Students can participate in classroom activities and discussions to learn about eating healthy food and about relationships among metabolism, calories, and diet. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Watch an animation to learn about the metabolism process and answer a pop quiz. NOTE: This site is appropriate for older students.
These sites are about good nutrition and healthy diets. Learn about the food pyramid and how food is good for the body. Topics include how to read food labels and look for additives. There are also online games and quizzes about nutrition.
One of the serious health problems of modern America is childhood obesity. Read about the dangers of childhood obesity. Use the interactive calculator on KidsHealth to find out if you are overweight. Included on this site are two eThemes resources on eating disorders, diet, and nutrition.

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