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Music: Bluegrass Music

These sites are about bluegrass music. Learn about its history and culture, find out what kinds of instruments are used, see video performances, listen to audio recordings, and more. Includes instructions for making model bluegrass instruments.


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Here you can see videos of the Green Mountain Bluegrass Band performing.
This site contains video and sound clips of bluegrass music. Free lessons are available if you create an account and sign in. NOTE: This site contains a discussion forum.
Explore this interactive site for a bluegrass timeline, information about instruments and performers, and song recordings.
Read about the instruments and innovations, songs, and pioneers of roots music, including bluegrass, on this site.
Learn about the Carter family, pioneers of American roots music. Click on "Carter Family Songbook" to hear recordings of their songs.
You can listen to audio files of banjo, mandolin, and fiddle tunes on this page. NOTE: This is a commercial site with items for sale.
This collection includes original sound recordings, field notes, and musical transcriptions of traditional fiddle tunes.
Here is an article about the history and characteristics of bluegrass music, including a picture of bluegrass pioneer Bill Monroe. NOTE: The reading level is too advanced for younger students, but there is important background information for teachers.
Read a short history of Appalachian music and descriptions of the musical instruments used to make it.
Learn about bluegrass roots and history on this site for kids. Includes videos of kids performing. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Click on an album cover to hear audio samples of songs from that album.
Learn about the instruments commonly used in bluegrass music, including the guitar, mandolin, and fiddle. NOTE: This site links to a guestbook.
Students can explore many different forms of popular, traditional and ethnic music from across America, including bluegrass, with this lesson plan. Students can also learn about geography and cultural context of music while doing this lesson.
Here are instructions for making a model banjo. Students will need adult assistance and supervision with this project.
This page has instructions for making a simple mountain dulcimer.Students will need adult assistance and supervision with this project.
Here are instructions for making a simple bass. Students will need adult assistance and supervision with this project.
Here are instructions for making simple instruments, including a rubber-band banjo. NOTE: This site contains ads.

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