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Music: Classical Music

These sites are about classical music. Learn what classical music is as well as the characteristics and the styles of the music. There are several interactive sites that students can listen to major pieces of classical music from different time periods. Includes major composers and their works, a timeline of classical music, lesson plans, games, and more. There are also links to eThemes Resource on Famous People: Composers and Music: Instruments.


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Here is an overview of what is considered to be classical music. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This is a student-created website explaining about the characteristics of classical music in different time periods.
Click "Play timeline" to see all the periods of classical music. Scroll down to read a description explaining important events occurring during that time period.
This site is designed for kids to learn about classical music. There is information about composers, music periods, and instruments of classical music. Click on each composer's name to hear the music. Includes games, musical dictionary, instruments, and more. NOTE: Flash installation is required to listen to the music.
Learn more about classical music and instruments, classical music composers, minority composers, and more through games and interactives.
Click on each instrument to hear its sound.
This site has biographies of major composers of classical music.
Search the internet to learn about major events and people in the world of classical music.
These websites are about famous music composers throughout history. Learn about Bach, Beethoven, the Gershwin brothers, and other famous composers. There are games, sound clips, and video clips. Includes links to eThemes on various music topics.
These websites are about musical instruments. Hear the sounds that different instruments make, read about unusual instruments, and play games. There are links to various eThemes Resources on music topics.

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