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Anatomy: Muscular and Skeleton Systems for Lower Grade Levels

These sites focus on the skeleton and muscular systems for lower grades. Learn about the bones and muscles that make up the human body and how they work together to support body’s function. Includes photos, diagrams, printouts, interactives, video clips, and quizzes. There are links to eThemes Resources on Anatomy: Heart, Human Body: Teeth, and Human Body Systems: Interaction.


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This is an interactive site of the human body. There are interactive diagrams, facts and functions of body parts, and games.
Watch a movie explaining about the skeleton, bones, and joints. Find out how they work together to provide support for and movement in the body. Includes a quiz and activities at the bottom of a page. NOTE: Subscription required for this site.
This page provides overview information about the human skeleton with an illustration. Includes black and white coloring printouts. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Print out this page and label the spine diagram. Answers are available. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn about the functions of the spine and play with the interactive activities.
Click on a body part to watch movies to learn how the body works. Includes quizzes, activities, and articles.
Learn about the skeleton and its function from the 'Bones Narrated' and 'Zoom In!', then test your knowledge of human skeleton by building one.
Learn about types of muscles, how they work, and what they do.
Learn about functions of muscles, types of muscles, majors muscles in our bodies, and what muscles are made of. A diagram is included.
View an animated movie to learn how muscles work, and how they help other body parts move. There are also explanations about types of muscles and their functions. Includes a quiz and activities at the bottom of a page. NOTE: Subscription is required for this site.
Find out specifically what the heart is, what it does, and how to keep it healthy. Learn the structure of the heart and the circulation system. Includes printouts, interactive images, online game, and quizzes. There is a link to an eThemes resource on the circulatory system for older kids.
Learn about the structure of your teeth, different types of teeth you have, and their functions. Learn how to take care of your teeth and prevent them from dental diseases. Includes movies, classroom activities, hand-on experiments, lesson plans, and online games.
Learn about human body systems and how they work together on these websites. Take a virtual tour of the body to see what it looks like from the inside. There are videos, interactives, and quizzes. Included is an eThemes resource on individual human body systems.

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