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Literature: "Dear America" Native American Experience Books

This site provides activities for the Dear America books: “The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow” by Ann Turner, “The Journey of Jesse Smoke” by Joseph Bruchac, “Weetamoo: Heart of the Pocassets” by Patricia Clark Smith, and “My Heart is on the Ground” by Ann Rinaldi. Three of the books focus on Native American children in the eighteenth century. Weetamoo is the story of a Wampanoag girl in 1653. There are study guides, discussion questions, and author interviews. Follow the eThemes Resource links to learn about their Nations, Navajo, Cherokee, Wampanoag and Sioux. Also included is an eThemes link to Historical Fiction.


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This is an official website of Ann Rinaldi, the author of 'My Heart is on the Ground'. Includes biography, FAQs, and her works.
Scroll down to find teaching ideas and resources that go along with book. NOTE: This site has links to external sites and there are few broken links.
This site provides a book summary,guiding questions for literature circles, student activities, and an interview with Joseph Bruchac. Note: This site contains ads.
This site provides biographical information about the author as well as a multimedia interview. Note: This site contains ads.
Learn about the history, culture, and language of the Cherokee people. Included are maps, photographs, and videos. Included is an eThemes resource on the Trail of Tears.
These sites are about the Wampanoag Indians and Squanto. Squanto helped the Pilgrims and may have been present at the first Thanksgiving. There are maps, lesson plans, and a play. Included is an eThemes resource on Thanksgiving.
These sites focus on Navajo Indians and their Hogan homes. The sites discuss the Navajo people, their culture, and their history.
The Lakota Sioux are known as the "Teton or Western Sioux." They are closely related to the Dakota tribe. Learn about Crazy Horse and the Lakota winter counts. Includes photographs, a quiz, and two eThemes resources on Native Americans.
Learn more about the genre of historical fiction. There are definitions and listings of recommended children's books, plus lesson plans and classroom activities. Includes links to eThemes Resources on various historical fiction books.

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