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Westward Expansion: Hardships

These sites are about the various hardships the pioneers faced as they traveled to the West. The types of problems include the weather, accidents while on the trail, and diseases. Read personal narratives and stories. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Westward Expansion: Trails West.


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Historical information about the dangers of traveling on the Oregon Trail is interspersed with paintings and quotes from authors and actual travelers.
Learn what the greatest danger was to the pioneers traveling on the Oregon Trail. Additional information on this trek west is also informative.
Use the discussion of hardships to learn what the pioneers encountered on the trail.
Use the section about the Oregon Trail which discusses what hardships pioneers encountered.
Use the diaries with students to investigate hardships during travel on the Oregon Trail.
From the series, The West, comes lesson plans, primary documents, and diaries of people who explored and settled the West.
This lesson involves students with primary documents and photographs to recreate the experience of traveling on the Oregon Trail.
This lesson plan has students study the diseases that pioneers often dealt with. NOTE: This site has links to external sites.
This fact sheet tells about transmission and symptoms of this disease.
Read about the troubles the pioneers faced on the trail like weather, river crossings, and accidents. NOTE: This site has links to external sites.
This student-created site includes a section about the hardships the pioneers faced along the way.
Read about some of the hardships that faced pioneers traveling along a Westward route.
Follow the links to learn about some of the hardships the pioneers encountered while traveling to the west.
These sites are about the Santa Fe, Overland, California, and the Mormon Pioneer trails. See pictures of the West in the 1800s and study maps of the trails. Read about life along the trails. Includes eThemes resources on the Oregon Trail and covered wagons. Watch a video on Arrow Rock, a stopping point on the way West.

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