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Seasons: Spring

These sites have spring crafts, worksheets, and lesson plans. One link is a slide show created by elementary school students. There are links to eThemes on kites and Easter.


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Do some "Spring Cleaning" with your tired math activities and incorporate some different strategies to involve students more actively in creating meaning. Technology links provide some good mathquest activities.
The lessons on this site are matched to National Science Education Standards. Find webcasts, interactive games, and teacher resources.
Students will learn about the subject matter and criteria of traditional haiku. Students will then work to list descriptive words to create visual imagery and use visual art to convey their ideas.
Use this lesson plan to learn facts about kites, construct kites, and be safe flying kites. Links to additional sites provide construction plans and how to keep kites flying. NOTE: This site contains advertising.
The Science tab provides an interactive "Build Your Own Caterpillar" game, build a "Monster Bug" and matching animals using scientific classification in "Classify This!"
Find games,quests, and delicious recipes to have fun and cook healthy.
Share this online magazine from the publishers of Cricket. There are many activities linked to Spring.
Use this online magazine with kids. There are crafts, interactive activities such as creating a treehouse, recipes, jokes, and ebooks.
Use the numerous craft ideas to teach children how to be creative and recycle while making art. Join for a nominal fee and receive additional art projects, art units tied to curriculum, and discounts on art and crafts. Membership is not required to use the many art projects.
This site provides step-by-step instructions for kid's crafts.
Use the myriad of ideas for crafts, games and recipes to celebrate Spring. NOTE: This site contains advertising.
Here are many crafts and activities for young students.
Here is an index of printable worksheets and activities with a spring theme.
Here is a fun game of springtime charades.
This is a week long spring activity for the class to complete.
Take a tour through the gallery of Spring pictures drawing by first graders.
Try this spring scavenger hunt. Look for this list of items in nature when spring begins.
Learn how kites overcome gravity to fly. There are several lesson plans that use kites to introduce math and science concepts. Includes many instructions for making your own kite out of everyday materials. There is information about the history of kites and pictures of kites from different countries. Also learn why April is National Kite Month.
These sites are about Easter and the symbols associated with the holiday. Play online games or print out puzzles. Includes many craft ideas and free clip art. Try some egg-related math problems.
These sites are about Passover and explain the history and traditions of this Jewish holiday. Learn about the steps involved in having a seder, the symbolism behind the foods that are served, and what foods are not acceptable to eat. There are craft ideas, songs, clip art, and Passover e-mail greeting cards. Includes a link to eThemes Resources on Hanukkah and Easter.



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