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Grammar: Parts of Speech: Nouns

These sites are about nouns. Read about different types of nouns and their functions. Includes plural, singular, common, proper, countable, non-countable, and more. There are examples, interactive quizzes, online games, handouts, and classroom activities. eThemes Resources on possessive nouns and pronouns are linked.


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This interactive game allows students to practice identifying nouns. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This interactive game helps students practice identifying nouns. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site provides links to interactive games to help reinforce learning of nouns.
This site links to educational resources to reinforce grammar instruction on nouns.
This interactive game allows students to practice differentiating between common and proper nouns.
This interactive quiz tests student's knowledge of nouns.
This online glossary gives definitions and examples of different types of nouns. Scroll through the left menu for the word list. Click on the icon by the word to hear it pronounced. Choose a different grade level for definitions of words written for different reading levels.
This site describes different kinds of nouns and their functions. Click the related terms at the bottom to view more examples.
This site describes they various types of nouns and their functions. Includes plural, gender, common, proper, countable, and non-countable.
Students can play flashcards, concentration, or word search using singular and plural nouns.
This game is designed to review plural nouns plus common and proper nouns. There can be one or two players.
This pdf file can be printed to help students learn about nouns. Includes a noun poem for students to use as a model for their own poem.
This short video and quiz are explain the different types of nouns. NOTE: This site is available by subscription only.
This site provides rules about nouns. click on "Quiz" for an activity where you identify the nouns in a paragraph.
This site includes three worksheets to develop noun skills.
This page provides several types of noun handouts categorized by type of activity. Includes sheets for elementary through high school.
This is a brief explanation of a classroom activity for teaching nouns.
Play this interactive crossword puzzle to learn about count and non-count nouns.
This page contains printable handouts on nouns and other topics for students to complete. Scroll down the titles to locate the pages on nouns. NOTE: The site has pop-up ads.
With these online games students can practice making singular and plural nouns. The game is available in multiple choice or fill in the blank. There are two playing levels per game.
This five page tutorial site discusses characteristics of nouns, common and proper nouns, count and non-count, and the gender of nouns. Each page includes an interactive "Exercise" for students to practice their new skills.
These sites explain the different types of pronouns, including personal, possessive, demonstrative, and more. There are charts, worksheets, online games, an animated movie, and audio of a Schoolhouse Rock song.
Theses sites are about possessive nouns. Includes rules on how to form possessive nouns and examples of them. There are interactive quizzes, games, and classroom exercises. There is also a link to an eThemes Resource on nouns.

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