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Safety: Electrical

These sites include tips for awareness and prevention of electrical hazards. Students learn how to be safe with electricity inside and outside of their homes. Includes safety tips about lightning and power lines. There are links to eThemes Resources on Electricity: Circuits, Conductors, and Batteries, Physics: Current Electricity, and Physics: Static Electricity.


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Watch five brief episodes about electrical safety in a variety of contexts.
Articles and online games for learning electrical safety.
Find out how serious lightning really is. Compare the number of deaths caused by lightning to those caused by tornadoes and hurricanes.
Click the arrow to read about being safe when it comes to electricity.
This ThinkQuest has good steps to follow to stay safe from electricity. Includes a story about electrical safety and a quiz.
Find out about electricity. Use the links on the left for information on how to be safe around electricity.
Print out this survey and then see how safe your home is by conducting an inspection.
Explore this house and see what electricity rule each monster is breaking.
Follow a menu on the left to learn about electrical safety and dangers of electricity, take a quiz, and print out a certificate. Experiments about electrical are included.
This site provides information about electrical safety particularly for home safety.
These sites explain nature of current electricity. Here kids can learn about directions of electrons' flow, differences between direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) electricity, and compare current to static electricity. The sites include photos, movies, hands-on activities, lesson plans, and a link to the eThemes Resource on Static Electricity.
These sites explain what static electricity is and how it works. Covers the topics of atoms, electrons and protons. Includes several illustrations, an animated movie, and many hands-on science experiments.
These sites have lots of illustrations and animations that demonstrate how electricity, circuits, and batteries work. Learn the difference between conductors and insulators. Includes suggested activities, hands-on experiments, and online quizzes. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on electrical safety.

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