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Teaching Tips: iPods in Education

These sites focus on integrating iPods in elementary education. Find many possibilities of using iPods in education and learn how teachers incorporate iPods into regular and special education classrooms. Includes lesson plans and video clips. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Podcasting: Educational Examples and Technology: Audios for Podcasting.


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This school district page includes teachers stories and lesson plans involving iPods.
This site has some basic information on using iPods in classes. It gives a few lesson plans for different age groups. NOTE: links to outside sites, can be edited by anyone.
Read an interview transcript with Robert Craven, education technology coordinator for the Orange County Department of Education in California, talking about educational possibilities of using iPods in a classroom. NOTE: This site includes a banner-ad.
This is an edublog written by a K-5 technology teacher. The site has reviewed technology resources, such as Pinky Dinky Doo, Vista Zoo, and Audible Kids, and provides suggested ideas for integration into classroom teaching. NOTE: This site includes ads and has links to external sites.
Read how other teachers use iPods in their classrooms. Scroll down to find several links for ideas to integrating iPods in the classroom. NOTE: This site includes ads and has links to external sites.
This site has a collection of lesson plans, for elementary and secondary levels, developed by classroom teachers.
Watch an eight-minute video showing how special education teachers use the iPods in special education classrooms for children with intellectual disabilities and language or hearing difficulties. NOTE: This site includes ads and a forum.
These sites offer ideas and examples of using podcasts for an education purpose. Includes podcast programs created by students, podcasting tutorials, and resources. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Technology: Audios for Podcasting.
These sites combine free audio resources for using in Podcast production. Includes songs by genres, moods, background music, sound effects, and kids' music in MP3 and midi formats to download.

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