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Technology: DOS Command Line Operations

Learn the syntax of Disk Operating System or commonly known as DOS. Find out about internal, external, batch, network, and other DOS command categories in which they are arranged. Learn different types of DOS and why Disk Operating System is still in use today.


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Welcome to Computer Literacy 101! Here is a list of very basic DOS commands illustrated with computer screen shots. Scroll down the page for a complete list of DOS command downloads.
This page has an extensive list of DOS commands. Click on a command name to read its purpose and see an example of its use.
Learn about DOS, its purpose and benefits, commands, and DOS tools. NOTE: Site contains banner ads.
This web site has extensive information on various types of DOS commands. Includes 'About' and 'History of DOS'. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Here is description and use of several most common and essential DOS commands.
View a list of the common MS-DOS commands.
Here is a list of Batch, CONFIG.SYS, and International commands for MS-DOS 6. Use links on the left under MS-DOS section for more DOS 6 commands.
Get acquainted with MS-Dos 6 commands. Click on a command name to read its description.
This site has a lot of useful information, suggestions, and computer tricks. Click on the "DOS/Batch: The Main Reason for This Site" link to enter the alphabetized database of DOS commands with a search function.
Learn DOS batch files commands.
Here is a list of Internal DOS commands arranged into a table.
Here is a list of external DOS commands.
Learn CONFIG.SYS commands, their description, and use.
Here is a resource for DOS users. Click on the "Try to find help in the DOS FAQ" link to search among many questions and answers regarding choosing between various types of DOS and using it. NOTE: The site leads to websites with forums and a netring.

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