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Author Study: Lester Laminack

Learn about the author Lester Laminack, the books he has written, and ideas for his writing. Includes biographies, audio clips, and classroom activities to be used with some of his books. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Literature: Genres.


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This is the official website of the author Lester Laminack. Learn about his childhood and his work. There are links to his books with descriptions.
Listen to the author talk about his book and book readings. Includes a short biography.
Read reviews of "Sundays and Teacakes" and its awards.
This 4-page pdf provides ideas for classroom activities to be used with this book.
Learn about the genres of literature. These sites are about the many different genres: fantasy, historical, realistic, science fiction, biography, reference, reporting, folk tales, plays, and poetry. Some sites have recommended reading lists. Included are eThemes resources covering the various genres.

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