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Country: Iran

These websites are about the country of Iran. Here you will find information about the government, history, people, and culture of both modern day Iran and ancient Persia. Learn about the overthrow of the Shah and the U.S. hostage crisis. There are timelines, maps, photographs, and videos. Included is an eThemes resource on Iran’s nuclear program.


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Learn basic facts about Iran, including its population, geography, climate, natural resources, and more.
This page has general information on the people, government, economy, and press freedoms in Iran.
This article outlines the history of student protests in Iran during the twentieth century, including those surrounding the 1979 revolution.
Here is a news program about an American religious delegation's trip to talk with Iranian leaders. You can read the transcript or view the video. There is also a video about women in Iran and a slideshow.
This site is about the Iranian Hostage Crisis that occured in 1979-1981. There are clips of news footage and exceprts from newspapers from that time. Click on the link "long ordeal" to read an overview of the events.
This site has background information on the 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis, including audio clips, photos, and documents.
Listen to a series of programs about Iran. Learn about the revolutionary state of Iran, its people, and culture. Explore the links along the right for related information, including a British Museum exhibition on ancient Persia, timeline, and Persian literature.
This site contains facts about Iran, its leaders, and media. There is a map, timeline, picture of the flag, and audio file of the Iranian national anthem.
This site contains information about Iran's governmental structure. Click on a section of the government chart for more information. The link to "Iran's Changing Face" contains more information about the role of youth, women, the media, and more.
What if you could be imprisoned for holding hands in public? This is a twelve minute radio program that includes an interview with young Iranians about dating and marriage. NOTE: This interview discusses sex.
This site is a portal to the latest news stories about Iran. There are articles, photographs, and videos. NOTE: Reading level is for older students. NOTE: Teachers will want to preview any video stories before use in the classroom.
Here is a map of Iran with links to an encyclopedia article and almanac entry with in-depth information and coverage. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Here is an encyclopedia entry about the Persian empire, its origins and dynasties. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site contains in-depth information about ancient Persia, including its history, arts, geography, important people, wars, and more. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links.
This page has many photographs taken at different locations in Iran. Click on an image to see a larger version.
Ancient Persia was one of the cultures that participated in the trade routs known as the Silk Road. Click on the name of a culture on this graphical timeline to learn more about that culture. Persian dynasties are highlighted in blue. Click on the images of trade goods to learn more.
These web sites are about the history and current status of Iran's nuclear program. Maps of the region are available on several sites. Included are various editorials, fact sheets, primary documents, and quizzes.

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