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Famous People: Johnny Appleseed

These sites provide information about Johnny Chapman who is widely known as Johnny Appleseed. Learn how he got his name and how he traveled through America. There is also information about apples, its life cycle, and nutrition. Includes lesson plans, quizzes, games, coloring pages, and pictures.


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Read a brief story of Johnny Appleseed and learn about his way of life. There are games related to apples and information about apple juice.
Read stories about Johnny Appleseed from 2nd grade students.
This site has the story of Johnny Appleseed. Includes printout, coloring page, activity printout, and craft ideas. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Here is an online coloring page. Printouts are included.
These are activities that go along with apples and Johnny Appleseed. NOTE: This site includes ads and links to external websites. NOTE: There is a link to discussion forum.
Read a story of Johnny Appleseed or Jonathan Chapman documented by Library of Congress. Includes pictures Johnny Appleseed and his orchard. NOTE: The reading level is appropriate for older students.
Here are some ideas and activities to help students become familiar with Johnny Appleseed while learning a wide variety of skills. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site provides information about apples such as facts, nutrition, recipes, growing apples, and history and legend. Click `Apple Education' for classroom activity ideas. NOTE: This site has links to external websites.
Read kid's eye view about apple. Include a trivia and coloring book. There are also information about various types of apples and nutrition facts.



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