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These websites are about grandparents and their special relationships with their grandchildren. Includes lesson plans, printable activities, and booklists. There are also resources on dealing with the death of a grandparent. There are links to eTheme resources on Grandparents Day, Aging, and Interviewing Senior Citizens and Grandparents.


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You can print this Venn diagram and have the students use it to compare yourself to your grandparents.
In this lesson, students interview family members, take notes on the events and create a graphic family timeline.
Carly has experienced the loss of her grandfather to cancer. Read or listen to her story and watch her slideshow.
This website has advice on dealing with the death of someone you know. It may be especially useful to children whose grandparent's have died.
This lesson plan challenges students to write a poem about their grandparents.
This website has many activity ideas/lesson plans about Grandparents Day.
These sites include information on aging and the effects on the human body. Discover why our bodies age. Learn how aging affects appearance, exercise, and eating habits. Includes interactive quizzes, an animation, and face changing images.
These sites have activities for celebrating Grandparents Day, which is the first Sunday following Labor Day. Includes titles of children's books about grandparents and craft ideas. There are links to eThemes Resources on interviewing senior citizens and aging.
These sites include sample questions for interviewing senior citizens, the elderly, and grandparents. There are also sites about Grandparents' Day, and collecting the life stories of others. An eThemes Resource on aging is linked.

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