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Language: French for Elementary Students

These are websites to help kids learn about French language and culture. There are games and activities, interactive quizzes, printouts, and lesson plan ideas. Students can also read about French holidays, customs, food and drink, and geography. Included is a link to an eThemes resource on the country of France.


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Here is the English-French version of the Enchanted Learning picture dictionary with links to the French theme page and printouts.
This is an index of printable posters and classroom decorations on various themes. These are one-page PDF files, in color.
Here is a collection of printable PDF file worksheets with a holiday theme. Includes coloring pages, picture sentences, and a word find.
Here are four sets of printable flashcards for teaching basic French vocabulary. All are color PDF files of various lengths.
This page has a listing of oral and game activities for learning French vocabulary. All activities are PDF files of various lengths.
Here are five printouts of simple sentences with picture illustrations to help with comprehension. These are two- and three-page PDF files.
This page contains a list of printable PDF worksheets for practicing French idioms.
Here are nine printable word puzzles for learning French vocabulary. There are crossword puzzles, wordfinds, and matching activities. These are color PDF files of various lengths.
Click on a letter in this interactive glossary to see a list of common French words that begin with that letter, along with the English meaning and an audio file of its pronunciation.
In this three part lesson plan, students can learn about French culture and daily life. In the third part of the lesson, students can learn the French words for names of family members.
Here are three interactive quizzes to help students learn or review French numbers.
Here are three interactive activities to help students learn or review the names of colors in French.
Play hangman with the names of colors in French.
Here are three interactive quizzes to help students learn or review the months and days of the week in French.
Here are three activites to help you learn basic French vocabulary words.
Use these activities to practice using common French time expressions.
Use these activities to learn the names of animals in French.
This website for a French bakery links to pictures and videos of French bread and pasteries, including this live web camera. This site is in French.
This website for kids is all about French bread. The text is in French, but there are a variety of pictures, games, and activities.
Learn more about the country of France and its culture, geography, holidays, language, regions, and more. Take virtual tours of the Palace of Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, and the famous Louvre Museum. Includes royalty-free images, 360-degree panoramic views, a live Webcam you can control, and lots of factual information, plus a list of recommended children's books about France. An eThemes Resource on the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France, is included.

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