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Library Skills: Searching the Internet

These sites focus on library skills of how to conduct Internet search effectively and how to evaluate the quality of websites. Learn about various search strategies such Boolean and keyword search. There are resources, guidelines, tutorials, and criteria on searching the Internet and website evaluation. Includes a lesson plan, a checklist, and a quiz. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Information Searching Strategies, Reference Resources Online, and Internet Safety.


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Learn how to tell whether a website is a suitable source for a research paper on this site by the Multnomah County Library.
This lesson involves students conducting Web searches on open-ended questions, and draw on their experiences to develop guides to search effectively and efficiently.
Learn how to conduct a Boolean search using this interactive lesson.
This site assists students to conduct productive internet searches. A powerpoint and hand-outs are used in this teaching unit.
Use the lesson plans to help you incorporate technologies such as Diigo for note taking, EasyBib for citations and effectively using search engines.
Use this site for tutorials and for a directory of search engines.
Use this site to learn how to perform a Boolean search. Boolean logic allows you to combine words and phrases into search statements to locate documents from searchable databases.
This is a tutorial developed for web searching workshop. It covers topics such as search tools, evaluating web pages and evaluation checklist, citation, and glossary of Internet and web jargon. NOTE: This site has links to external websites.
This page compiles suggested search engines for different information needs. NOTE: This site has links to external websites.
Click on "Wizard tools" which will walk you through creating search criteria and evaluation of the website.
In this lesson plan, students learn about searching internet resources for a class project. They explore various Internet search engines, web analysis checklists, and questions for evaluating online resources. NOTE: This site has links to external websites.
These sites provide information on creating effective search strategies for locating and using library resources. Focus on locating information (articles, books and web sites), selecting the best information resources, and citing them properly. Examples and online quizzes are included. There is a link to eThemes resource on Writing: Research Papers.
These sites include online dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, almanacs, telephone directories, and Internet searches to locate information. Also learn about primary sources and where to find them.
These sites have tips and advice on how children and young adults can use the Internet safely. Includes tips on surfing, chat rooms, and about not giving out personal information on the web. There are online games and activities that teach lessons about Internet safety. There are also pledges and certificates that children can sign. Includes eThemes resources on using online journals and blogs.

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