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Literature: "On My Honor" by Marion Dane Bauer

These sites provide resources for teaching the novel “On My Honor” written by Marion Dane Bauer. Includes the author’s biography, book summaries,classroom discussion activities, lesson plans, book guide and more.


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This page provides information about this book and the author. It also includes some suggested classroom activities and methods of vocabulary learning.
Read the author's own comments about On My Honor. This site also provides a classroom guide for teachers to prepare classroom activities. Click on "About the author" to find author's memoir.
This site contains some links to teach children how to face the reality of friend-lost and discuss the issue of safety. Teachers can connect these topics to students' reading of On My Honor.
Here is a book guide for studying On My Honor. This guide includes contents like prediction guide, comprehension check, and discussion guide which help readers to understand this story.
Here is a list about Marion Dane Bauer's other books.
This study guide is meant to be accompanied by the playing of the audiobook version of "On My Honor", however themes can be adapted for reading of the book.
Here is a list of children's common reactions to the death of a loved one.
These sites have tips on making friends and how to resolve common problems that threaten friendships. There are several classroom activity ideas to help foster friendships among students. Includes lists of recommended children's books as well as links to eThemes Resources on books that include this theme.
These sites explain the benefits of using literature circles to have students discuss books. Includes tips and handouts on how to organize the groups, how to lead discussions, and how to assess student participation. Learn about the different student roles and their discussion duties. There are links to eThemes Resources on guided reading and several award winning reading lists.

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