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Literature: Book Clubs for High School Students

Book clubs, book discussion groups, and literature circles are popular with all ages. These sites will help students find books to read. Students will also find tips for running their own book club. eThemes resources include information on literature circles and many award winning book lists.


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This lesson provides a plan for using book groups with students to encourage independent reading.
This site is for teachers interested in using literature circles in the classroom.
This link provides tips from Oprah for starting and running a book club. Additionally there are 4 links which discuss various types of book clubs.
Use this site with your students to discover author information, book lists, and more. NOTE: You must create a membership in order to view the content of this site.
Educators and YA's will embrace this site for author interviews, book lists, book trailers, and more. This site contains a blog.
Use this site for recommendations, author interviews, and give-aways. Note: This site contains a blog.
This link provides yearly lists of books selected by readers themselves. The reading lists are a trusted source for book recommendations for teens, educators, parents, and librarians.
This link provides practical tips for inspiring YA's to build a reading habit.
Author interviews, book trailers, and discussion activites are provided to promote the Truman Readers Award. Extension activities are given as well as interactives for several of the nominees. Contact information may be useful for students wanting to write to a particular author.
This site provides author information, book synopses and teaching guides, book trailers and writing activities for the 2011-2012 Gateway Nominees. A writing kit provides activities for author studies.
These sites explain the benefits of using literature circles to have students discuss books. Includes tips and handouts on how to organize the groups, how to lead discussions, and how to assess student participation. Learn about the different student roles and their discussion duties.
These sites have booklists for young adults. The lists were compiled by teachers, librarians, and students. The books would be appropriate for middle school and high school students. Some of the lists are divided into genres.

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