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Literature: Science Themes

These sites can be used for teaching science through literature. These sites contain graphics, online stories, digital books, and video clips regarding various science themes such as animals, stars, plants, human body, and more.


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Click on the topic "Dad, Are you the Tooth Fairy" on the right-hand column. Students can watch the video clip and see Jason Alexander reading this book. The story is related to the growth of human being's teeth.
This digital book contains bilingual poems related to the cycle of the seasons.
This site offers much information about science literature related children's book. Click on the desired science concept below to find books interesting to you. Click on the link below the image to view additional books related to that topic. Note: This site contains Ads.
Here is a story about two mice. Teachers may use this tale to introduce the subjects.
Here is a digital book about crickets. Teachers may use this book to introduce insect concepts.
Here is an online story with graphics. Teachers may use it for animal topics.
Here is a lesson plan to teach "camouflage" through reading the book How to Hide a Butterfly and participate in three simulations: Missing Moth, Hide a Butterfly, and Birds.
This is a lesson plan to teach students make their own constellation model after reading the book The Big Dipper.
Here is an online story with many graphics. Students can learn various animals in the zoo through reading this story.
Students can learn the process of planting through reading this story with many graphics.
This site contains stories charatered by animals which can be used to introduce animal topics.

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