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Math: Geometry: Parallel Lines and Transversals

On these sites you will find information about the angles and relationships formed by parallel lines and transversals. Learn about alternate interior angles, alternate exterior angles, corresponding angles, and consecutive Interior angles. Lesson plans, sample problems, and proofs are included.


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This site has information on parallel lines, including the terminology, postulates, and theorems relating to them. You can view the proofs for some of the theorems.
This page illustrates the different kinds of angles created by intersecting lines. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links, a banner ad, and a pop-up.
Here are definitions and illustrations of the basic terms and concepts associated with parallel lines and transversals. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links and a banner ad.
Read this four-page PDF file to review or learn to identify the pairs of angles formed when parallel lines are crossed by a transversal. Includes practice questions.
Here is a concise review of Plane Geometry in a seven-page PDF file, including definitions and theorems.
This page explores the theory of parallel lines based on Euclid's fifth postulate. Includes sample problems and proofs.
Here is a study guide on parallel lines that has several example problems. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links and a banner ad.
Here is an online audio lecture on parallel lines, transversals, and the special angles that they form.
Click through this tutorial to learn or review the terms and concepts relating to parallel lines, transversals, and pairs of angles. Includes questions and answers.

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