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Math: Linear Regression

These sites contain information about Linear Regression. Here are several interactive computer-based tools to show students linear regression relationships of data and their correlation coefficient. There are also materials showing how to calculate slop, intercept, and regression equation.


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Use this applet to model linear regression.
This applet is designed to help students visualize and manipulate a simple linear regression line and calculates error for data sets.
This applet lets you study the relationship between pairs of variables using scatterplots, the correlation coefficient, the graph of averages, linear regression, and residual plots.
Here are interactive computer-based tools providing students with the opportunity to easily investigate the relationship between a set of data points and a curve used to fit the data points. Four lessons are included.
See this explanation about correlation coefficient and how to calculate it step-by-step.
This page teaches novice learners to find the linear mathematical model to fit the data. It also teaches how to detect and deal with outlier data.
This interactive tool helps students explore the relationship between the correlation coefficient of a data set and its graph. Fit a line to the data and compare the least-squares fit line.
This page explains concepts of simple linear regression and how to plot data to show the linear relationship.
Students can input data and this interactive tool will draw the regression line automatically.
Here is an example teaching students to use three methods for measuring how well a linear model fits a set of data points.
Here is a comprehensive introduction to linear regression. Students will learn concepts such as slop and intercept, how to measure the goodness-of-fit of linear regression, and also the confidence interval of a regression line.
This page explains how to use linear regression for stock prediction. Note: This site contains ads.

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