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Science: Balls and Ramps

These resources explore basic concepts of science related to balls and ramps. Learn about the characteristics and properties of balls and ramps, relationship between the physical properties of balls and their motion, and some of the factors that affect the way balls behave. Includes lesson plans, experiments, and simulations. There are also links to eThemes Resources on force and motion, and gravity.


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Students learn about elasticity for super balls; includes: prerequisite knowledge, learning objectives, materials list, introduction, vocabulary, procedures, safety issues, troubleshooting tips, investigating questions, assessment, activity extensions,and activity scaling advice.
This lesson introduces students to the concept of gravity; includes materials needed and activity instructions. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board (message board, forum, etc).
In this experiment, students learn about factors such as temperature and construction that affect the height of a ball bouncing.
Through these activities, students learn the relationship between energy of a basketball and how high it bounces.
Play an interactive game and observe the relationship between force, size of a car, and steepness of a ramp. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to a discussion forum.
Observe how far the truck travels with changing the gradient. Note: The "Talk" link is a link to discussion forum.
In this lesson, students will explore and measure the rate of spherical objects rolling down a ramp.
This experiment aims to help students understand things that affect the distance and speed of objects rolling from ramps.
These sites cover the basic concepts of physics. Learn about force, motion, and friction using interactive simulations where you can manipulate the variables. Includes links to an eThemes on Simple Machines, Magnets, and Gravity.
These sites explain how the earth's gravity works. Includes photographs, simulations, videos, hands-on activities, and online quizzes. Included are eThemes resources on mass versus weight and force.

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