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Standardized Test Taking for Elementary Grades

These sites are about standardized test taking tips and strategies for intermediate elementary grades. Learn information about what children should eat and how much sleep they should get before a test. Find out tips for answering multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer question. Includes links to eThemes resources on study skills and MAP test tips.


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Learn some basic test taking tips geared toward improving performance on exams, includes general advice, advice for essay exams, and advice for multiple-choice tests.
This article about test taking techniques provides information geared to reducing anxiety during test taking situations.
This article shares some strategies and ideas that are designed to help prepare kids for standardized tests.
Learn some study and test-taking strategies specifically geared for students with learning difficulties. NOTE: This site includes ads. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board (message board, forum, etc.).
This site let you type in Topics on Test Stress. Includes a links to several different test taking ideas. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site is about practicing test taking and relaxation techniques to help children be prepared and overcome test anxiety.
Read information about the importance of taking test, especially for school children.
This site provides important information and resources to help children feel at ease when taking a test.
Here are the answers to kids' most common questions about test-taking strategies.
These sites are about study skills and homework tips. There is also advice for improving test scores, concentration, and memory skills.
These sites contain information about the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) tests. Review released items from different subjects and grade levels. Includes tips for parents and educators on how to prepare students. There are also templates for making constructed responses, performance tasks, and performance events.

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