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Missouri: Facts

These sites offer facts about Missouri including state song, symbols, history, and fun trivia. Includes online quizzes, and photographs. There are links to eThemes Resources on Missouri’s government, landforms, famous people, and the state flag.


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Listen to the music of the state song and sing along using the lyrics at the bottom of the page.
Take a virtual journey to some of Missouri's most beautiful places, cities, parks, and more.
Students can read about the meaning of the word, Missouri.
This alphabetical listing explains the reason or person behind each county name.
Here is a list of fun Missouri trivia. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site gives Missouri symbols and facts. There is also a printable Missouri map, quiz, and flag.
Explore this timeline from 1673-1990.
Explore links on this site to learn about Missouri facts, history, geography, economy, and much more.
Select among matching, concentration, and word search games or use flash cards to learn about Missouri history.
These sites help students identify and learn about state flags, specifically focusing on the Missouri state flag. Includes lesson plans, activities, interactive quizzes, coloring pages, and lots of computer-made pictures of the Missouri flag and other state flags. Also includes information about flag designer Marie Elizabeth Oliver.
These sites are about Missouri's state government and include specific information about Missouri's elected officials such as the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state auditor, and more. Listen to live audio of the Senate and House of Representatives when they are in session or take a virtual tour of the governor's mansion. Watch a short Missouri Heritage video about the state's first capital and governor.
This eThemes resource helps you learn about famous Missourians both living and deceased including Laura Ingalls Wilder, Walt Disney and Daniel Boone.
These sites are about the different geographical regions in Missouri. Learn about the Ozarks, the Ozark border, glaciated plains, Osage plains, Mississippi lowlands, and rivers. Includes a video from the Finding Missouri: Our History and Heritage series about the Missouri regions.

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