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Teaching Tips: Calendar Creators

These sites feature free calendar templates. Register to use the online calendars, or download the templates and print out the pages. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on the history of calendars.


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Select the year and month, then one of the images. Scroll down to "View Your Calendar" to see the calendar you have created that can be printed off.
Make a monthly or yearly calendar and print it out. Includes options, such as display of holidays and observances, for you to customize the calendar. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Create your own monthly calendar by printing it out and write down name of the month and draw a picture.
Download calendar templates that can be opened in Microsoft Office applications.
Print this calendar template out and then fill in the month.
This site provides calendar math ideas. Includes templates for file folder, binder, and reading and writing inserts to download.
Register to create a simple online calendar. You can also switch to a printable version of your calendar.
Select from free calendar clipart when designing calendars for your classroom.
Choose graphics from a number of resources to design calendars for classroom use.
These sites are about calendars. Learn about days, weeks, months, and years. Includes information about ancient calendars from the Babylonians, Egyptians, Aztecs, and Romans. Convert dates into Roman and figure Easter Sunday. An eThemes Resource on telling time is linked.

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