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Math: Geometry: Transforming Shapes

These sites help students visualize what shapes look like after they have been reflected, rotated, flipped, and translated. Includes virtual manipulatives that lets students change the shapes online. There are links to eThemes Resources on shapes, symmetry, and tessellations.


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Scroll down to the interactive figure that lets you choose a shape and then manipulate the shapes using reflection, translation, or rotation. Read the instructions before you begin. Click on the three other sections for more interactive figures.
This activity allows students to test their understanding of spatial relationships. Try to put the pictures in the correct order. Find out if you are correct by watching the movie.
This online activity has students represent three-dimensional figures by using a plot plan.
Look at the objects, then decide which ones could produce the given shadows.
Play this online tangram game and try flipping and rotating the shapes to solve the puzzle. Click on "Tangram Challenges" for another activity using virtual tangrams.
This site shows what the letter F looks like when its translated, reflected, glide reflected, and rotated.
Play these games by manipulating the shapes to fit into the puzzles. NOTE: The site includes ads.
These sites are about shapes including quadrilaterals and polygons. Includes definitions and examples of them in everyday life. There are interactive sites with games, manipulatives, and animated movies. Includes links to eThemes Resources on symmetry, lines, and tessellations.
These sites offer many examples of how symmetry works in a variety of shapes. Find out the difference between reflection and rotational symmetry. Includes interactive sites that let you draw symmetrical shapes and manipulate them. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on tessellations and lines.
These sites explain how to create tessellations with polygons using rotation and reflection. Also includes information about artist M.C. Escher and examples of his tessellation artwork. There are several interactive games for manipulating patterns online. Includes a link to shapes and symmetry.

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