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Animals: Insects

Explore these websites about insects and their relatives. Included are picture galleries of different types of insects, insect themed activities and games, and insect recipes. There are also online videos, audio clips, and quizzes. Included are eThemes resources on ants, bees, ladybugs, butterflies, silkworms, and grasshoppers.


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Watch a movie with Tim and Moby about insects then take a pop quiz. Follow links-icons at the left for an experiment, activity, and comics. NOTE: The web site is available by subscription only.
Click on the links to read the articles and view multimedia presentations about insects. You can explore a virtual honeybee hive, watch a video female moth laying eggs, see an animation of the Monarch butterfly migration, or solve the insect scramble puzzles. There are also instructions for making an insect mask.
Here are links to printouts of different species of insect. There are craft activities, quizzes and worksheets, and pictures that you can print out and color.
Here are pictures of different insects that you can color online. Click on a region in the picture to color it in with the selected color. Click on a color swatch in the palette to select a new color.
This interactive web tutorial is designed to help students understand basic knowledge of insects. There is also a Teacher's Guide with activities and worksheets.
Explore these links to read about different ways that insects interact with humans and the environment.
Choose from four different activities to test your knowledge of insects and spiders.
This website is for teachers and students interested in insects. In addition to basic information and activity outlines, there are bug jokes, bug craft ideas, and insect trivia. Read about insect snacks from around the world or see if you can identify the mystery bug.
This site contains real recipes that use insects, including nutritional information. Not for the squeamish.
Read an encyclopedia entry about insects.
These information sheets provide helpful facts about insects. Each sheet has a section on identifying features of insects, natural history, impact on the ecosystem, tips on collecting live insects, and images. There are links to lesson plans, additional information sheets on insect rearing, and bibliographies.
These care sheets provide information on how to care for insects and other invertebrates that are kept as pets or in the classroom.
This site includes information about insects, numerous images, and audio files of insect noises. There are links to additional information on all kinds of animals. NOTE: Reading level is for older students
These sites are about ants and their colonies, life cycle, anatomy, habitat, and more. Includes several activity ideas and instructions for building an ant habitat. There are also online videos, audio clips, and quizzes.
Learn more about bees including how they are classified, their characteristics, and their role in pollination. Find out if killer bees are deadly and how you should treat a bee sting. Watch videos including some showing bees communicating by dancing.
These sites are about the life cycle, anatomy, and habitat of ladybugs, also called ladybird beetles. There are several activity ideas, handouts, photographs, and interactive games.
These sites are about butterflies found in Missouri, including brush-footed butterflies, skippers, swallowtails, and sulphurs. Learn about their life cycle, characteristics, and defense mechanisms. Watch a movie that shows a metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. There are links to eThemes Resources on butterflies and the migration of monarchs.
These sites are about the life cycle, anatomy, and habitat of ladybugs, also called ladybird beetles. There are several activity ideas, handouts, photographs, and interactive games.
These are sites provide information on the life cycle, habitats, and behaviors of butterflies. View images and see the distribution of various butterfly species. Learn about wildlife migration and why it occurs. Several sites focus on monarch butterflies and their annual migration. An eMINTS WebQuest on monarch butterflies and their life cycle is linked.
Learn about silkworms with these websites. You can find information on different species of silkworms and their life cycles, the history of silk production, how to raise your own silkworms, and more. Includes a link to an eThemes resource on insects.
These sites are about grasshoppers. Here you will find information about these insects and their environment, how to observe them, or how to take care of them in captivity. There are audio files, quizzes, pictures, and more. Included is an eThemes resource on insects.

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