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Animals: Life Cycles for Primary Students

These sites focus on animal life cycles for Primary students. Learn about different stages of animal life cycles and see similarities and differences among animals. Diagrams, printouts, pictures, and lesson plans are included. Students may participate in creating an original dance on the life cycle of the monarch butterfly or observe eggs hatching. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Animals: Life Cycles.


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Students will learn about eggs, incubation, hatching, and caring for chickens. Writing, observing, and caring for chicks provide students an understanding of a life cycle.
Use this lesson plan with students to create an original dance of the life cycle of a monarch butterfly.
Use this lesson plan to create a writing activity based on life cycles of frogs, chickens or butterflies. Students will read, research and make a class book of their findings.
Students learn about colors, body parts, and extras to build a caterpillar for survival in a particular habitat. Rolling over body parts with a mouse provides important information in building a caterpillar.
Take your students on a free virtual field trip to learn about the metamorphosis of butterflies.
This site provides lesson plans, photographs,and videos about butterflies and life cycles. Students may submit their stories about butterflies.
Use these games to challenge students in putting together stages of animals in four different habitats.
This site provides a themed unit for primary students about chickens. Diagrams, information, print-outs, and writing activities are given. NOTE: This site contains ads.
A vast amount of information about frogs, life cycles, crafts, and print-outs is provided. NOTE This site has ads.
Use the myriad of ideas and information to teach about the life cycle of a butterfly. Crafts, vocabulary, links and print-outs are available. NOTE: This site has ads.
Tim and Moby learn about metamorphosis of butterflies and frogs. A quiz, further information, craft and questions are provided. NOTE: This site requires a subscription.
This lesson plan uses butterflies as a means to investigate changes in kids' lives. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This lesson plan allows students to have a hands-on experience and learn about the metamorphosis of insects. NOTE: This site contains ads.
These sites focus on the stages animals go through as they mature. Learn how insects, fish, amphibians, birds, mammals, and humans develop. See videos of animals when they are developing embryos. Watch a chicken hatch from its egg. There are many diagrams that visually represent the life cycle.

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