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Animals: Oysters

These websites are about oysters. Learn about the life cycle and anatomy of oysters and how they make pearls. Find out what diseases are threatening oysters. Includes quizzes and interactive activities.


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This site provides a photo, fast facts, and links to additional information about different types of oysters.
This site provides factual information, brief videos, and photographs about a variety of oyster species.
This article discusses how scientists have discovered a way to copy mother-of-pearl structures that oysters make.
Learn the anatomy of an oyster on this website. Also includes a simple description of how pearls are formed. NOTE: Site includes ads.
Click on "Animals of the Oyster Reef" to learn about the other animals in oyster reefs and how they effect the oyster habitat. Click on other links for more oyster resources.
Read an encyclopedia article about oysters on this website. NOTE: The website includes pop-up and banner ads.
Find out why oysters in Ago Bay, Japan. Also learn more about the history of pearls. Includes a teacher's guide and an interactive activity.
See another diagram of the anatomy of an oyster and learn more interesting facts about oysters.
Here are activities for exploring oysters and pearls. NOTE: The website contains broken links.
This website contains recipes for cooking oysters.

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