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Animals: Working Dogs

These sites are about working dogs. There is information about the different kinds of jobs that dogs have. There are printable worksheets, a slideshow, video files, and interviews with people who work with these specially trained dogs. Several eThemes resources are included on dogs, guide dogs, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Saint Bernard’s, and the Iditarod.


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This page has handouts about different breeds of working dogs that you can print out and color.
What is a working dog? On this site students can read about how the FBI uses dogs to find bombs and illegal drugs, for search and rescue, and what service dogs do. There is also a virtual field trip of the FBI.
Watch a slideshow about different jobs that working dogs perform.
This site profiles several different breeds of specialized working dogs, including the Bearded Collie, Bloodhound, and Saint Bernard.
This three-page PDF file contains an assignment about advocating for working dogs. Students can learn new vocabulary then create a piece of written work that speaks up for the rights of working dogs.
In this lesson plan, students can learn to recognize that dogs and people work for incentives.
Read an encyclopedia article about the working dogs that are raised by humans to herd cattle and sheep, as messengers in wartime, in police and rescue work, as guardians, as guides for the blind, and more. Contains links to individual breed entries. NOTE: The site includes ads.
On this site you can read about the different kinds of jobs that dogs do, and also read interviews with a policeman about his canine partner, and with a deaf man about his hearing dog.
Read information on the different kinds of service dogs for the physically impaired. It also contains a quiz.
Learn about more ways that dogs help people including dogs that work with caregivers of Alzheimer's patients and dogs that can detect seizures.
Here is a short article about training a guide dog puppy.
Read this article to learn more about the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, and meet Mocha, a Search and Rescue dog.
Read this article about the canine heroes of Ground Zero.
Learn about different breeds of dogs and their origins. There are quizzes to help you determine which breed of dog would be good for you and your family. Includes activities, encyclopedia articles, and printouts. There are links to various eTheme resources on different breeds of dogs.
These sites have information on guide dogs. Topics include how to be a puppy raiser, blindness, and the life of Helen Keller.
These sites are about German shepherds, a breed of herding dogs. Read about their history, appearance, and temperament. Find out why German shepherds are used as guide dogs, rescue dogs, and K-9 dogs.
These sites are about Labrador retrievers, a breed of sporting dogs. Read about their history, appearance, and training. Find out why Labrador retrievers are used as guide dogs, rescue dogs, and drug detector dogs. Watch a short video and view many photographs of these outgoing animals.
These sites are about Saint Bernards, a large breed of working dogs. Find out how much they eat, how much they weigh, and if they make good household pets. Learn more about the history of these dogs, including their role as rescue dogs in the Swiss Alps. There are photographs, illustrations, and a video.
Learn more about the Iditarod Dog Sled race in Alaska. Read about the history, teams, dogs, and much more. Some sites offer ideas for classroom activities. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on Alaska.

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