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Cells: Cellular Respiration

Explore many aspects of cellular respiration at the high school and college level. Begin with an introduction to cellular respiration, graphics, and lesson plans. Also included are sites with molecular models of ATP and interactive multiple choice questions.


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This site explains cellular respiration and the six related subprocesses which make up the cycle.
Look at these molecular models of glucose and pyruvic acid. Listen to a song about cellular respiration.
This site has a diagram of the mitochondria as well as respiratory chain and many more.
Test your knowledge with these multiple choice problems. Correct answers are reinforced and incorrect answers provide an explanation.
Watch an animation which explains Glycolysis and the production of ATP.
Read about this special molecule. Includes a chemical model of ATP.
This site provides an explanation of the conversion from ATP to ADP.
Read this definition from the US National Library of Medicine.
This site provides an explanation to why ATP is a nucleotide.



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