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Famous Americans: North American Connections

These websites are about famous people from North America. There are actors, entertainers, scientists, and athletes, as well as general biographical research sources. Included are eThemes resources on famous African Americans and famous Latin Americans.


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Read a biography of this famous Mexican actress.
This is the companion site to the long-running series that explores the lives and works of America's artists, writers, and entertainers.
Read about this champion golfer. Includes a printable word search, study sheet, and worksheet.
Here is a biography of this famous actor and comedian originally from Canada.
Here is a biography of this famous actor and comedian originally from Canada.
Learn about one of the most famous amatuer astronomers currently living who has discovered over 20 comets, including Shoemaker-Levy 9, the comet that collided with Jupiter in 1994.
This page contains short biographies of over 200 famous Americans, past and present, organized by theme.
Here is a list of sites that provide information about famous Americans, past and present.
These sites give biographical information on African Americans. See paintings and photographs and take an online quiz. eThemes Resources on Martin Luther King, Jackie Robinson, George Washington Carver, Dred Scoot, and Ruby Bridges are linked.
These sites gives biographical information and contributed works from Latin Americans. See paintings, photographs, and video clips. Includes a link to the eThemes Resources on Latin American Culture.

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