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Famous People: Galileo

Galileo was a scientist and an inventor. He did not invent the telescope but he certainly improved it. Learn who Galileo was and what he invented on these sites. Included are eThemes on the Hubble telescope, inventions, and Copernicus.


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Read a short biography on Galileo and answer a question about the moon.
Scroll down for information on Galileo. Galileo was the first person to use the new invention, the telescope, to observe the skies.
Students can watch the movie and then take the quiz on Galileo. NOTE: Site available by subscription only.
Several high school teachers published this extensive information on Galileo. Explore "The Scientist," "His World," and "The Inquisition."
Read about the contributions Galileo made to physics and astronomy. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Students can click on the link "Galileo's Experiment" to see what happens when two objects are dropped.
Find out about the relationship between Copernicus' idea of a sun centered solar system and Galileo.
Learn how to make your own telescope and find out the difference between a refractor telescope and a reflector telescope. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Read a transcript attributed to Galileo after his trial for heresy.
Read a short biography on Galileo and then explore his inventions on the right hand menu.
Click on "History" for a movie about Galileo's invention.
Students can read this online lecture about Galileo and the Inquisition. Find out the difference between the heliocentric theory and the geocentric theory. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Rice University provides this site on the life and science of Galileo. Find the "Galileo Timeline" under "Chronology." The "Science" link has many topics including a topic on the instruments Galileo used and invented.
Explore some of these topics: "His Telescope," "Pendulums," and "His Big Mistake." "His Life" provides a timeline of Galileo's life and work.
Read this entry on Galileo which provides an overview of his life and his work.
Students can read about this historic figure, Galileo. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to message boards.
Learn about Nicolaus Copernicus and why the church had a problem with his heliocentric theory. These sites explain the difference between a geocentric theory and a heliocentric theory. What was the scientific revolution that Copernicus was a part of?
Learn about the largest telescope in the world that is orbiting Earth, the Hubble Space Telescope. Read about the history of its development, what it does, how it is serviced, its orbit, and how it works in space. Sites include images of the telescope, schema, and instructions how to build a paper model.
This resource provides information on various inventions and inventors. Learn about scientific and just for fun inventions. Play games and answer trivia questions about inventions and patents.

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