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Famous People: King Arthur

Here are resources about King Arthur and the Arthurian Legend. Students can investigate various versions of the legend as well as examine the historical evidence behind the stories. There is information on the places, people, battles, and events associated with King Arthur. Included are eThemes resources on medieval feudalism, the crusades, and the United Kingdom.


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This site contains extensive information on both the historical Arthur and the Arthurian legends. Included are links on Welsh poetry, Roman Britain, Geoffrey of Monmouth, and much more. NOTE: This site links to external commercial sites selling medieval-themes weaponry (swords) and jewelry.
This extensive site contains a collection of in-depth, scholarly research on Arthurian literature, including articles, papers, bibliographies, and appendices. NOTE: The reading level is advanced but the information is very authoritative.
The village of Caerleon was the site of one of Britain's three Roman Legionary Fortresses and may have been the location of Camelot. This site has information on Caerleon's King Arthur connection.
This seven part article discusses the historical Arthur and explores the origins of the Aurthur legend.
Browse this collection of texts and images, both medieval and modern, for background information on the Arthurian legend. Included are links to other central characters such as Lancelot, Guinevere, and Mordred.
This site contains analysis of Arthurian texts. There is information on the people, places, and events connected with the legend. Includes illustrations.
This site contains a brief but complete synopsis of the Arthurian legend, profiles of the characters, battles, and places, and a timeline.
Read about the region believed to be the birthplace of the historical King Arthur. There is information on Tintagel Castle, prehistoric sites, and a map.
Courtly love is an important theme in many versions of the Arthur myth. In this lesson, students can explore the codes of chivalry and courtly love as portrayed in art, modern films, books, and poetry. They can then use their knowledge to create a short theatrical work.
How do changes in the Arthur legend reflect changes in the culture of England? This lesson explores the transformations of the stories about King Arthur from the earliest oral traditions to modern literary works.
This page offers a detailed analysis of King Arthur as he is depicted in legend and literature.
This article explores the theory that the historical Arthur was actually from Scotland, not Cornwall.
Here is a series of medieval paintings depicting courtly love.
This interactive site contains basic information on the Arthurian legend, along with activities, animations, and a crossword puzzle.
This site discusses all of the major characters in the Arthurian legend and how they have elvolved over time. There is a lot of detailed information accompanied by illustrations.
This site has a synopsis of the Arthur legend. Watch a video excerpt from the program and a reading from "The Death Of Arthur" by Thomas Malory.
Explore these sites and learn what it was like to live during the Middle Ages. Topics include serfs, kings, monasteries, and more. There are links to eThemes Resources on castles, knights, and children's books that took place during the Middle Ages.
Learn about "wars of the cross" or the crusades led by Christian world against Muslims between the XI and XIV centuries. Find out why medieval knights went to recover the Holy Land. Learn also about Islamic, Byzantium, and European cultures and people. The sites include authentic paintings, contemporary photographs and images, timeline of seven crusades, and maps. There are links to eThemes Resources on medieval castles, knights, and feudalism.
These sites are about the United Kingdom, which includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Learn about this area's geography, monarchy, food, sports, and history. There are also maps of the region, photographs of various attractions, and several live Webcams.

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