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History: The Stone Ages

These websites are all about the period of time known as the Stone Age. Find out what kinds of shelters people lived in, what technologies they had, and how they got food. Includes photographs of artifacts, timelines, games, and vocabulary.


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Learn about the prehistoric cultural stage. or level of human development, characterized by the creation and use of stone tools.
This two-page PDF compares and contrasts the Old and New Stone Ages.
Click on "Play the Timeline" to see artifacts from each period of the Stone Age. NOTE: The website includes a link to a message board.
Read about the stone, bone, and antler tools that people used during the Stone Age. Also includes a section on pottery.
Click on the "Launch Interactive" link to view some tools that people used in the first part of the Stone Age.
See if you can match these vocabulary words with their definitions. The vocabulary words are about the Neolithic age and agriculture.
Test yourself on the history and vocabulary of the Stone Age by playing this interactive game.
This nine-page PDF file includes worksheets and activity ideas for studying the Old Stone Age, the New Stone Age, and the River Valley Civilizations.

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