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History of Computer Technology and the Internet

These Websites are about the evolution of computer technology and the Internet. Read about the history of computing machines, early programmers, and the origins of information technology. Included are video files, interactive games and quizzes, timelines, exhibits, and more. Included are four related eThemes resources.


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Explore these online collections and exhibits, including a timeline of computer history, a visible storage exhibit, and an internet history feature.
This is the companion website to the exhibition Information Age: People, Information, and Technology. Here you can view some of the objects in the collection, see original documents, or read interviews with cumputing pioneers.
Teach students about the impact that the invention of the computer has had on society and how inventors build on each others ideas to develop new technologies. Includes discussion questions, suggested readings, vocabulary terms, and more.
This website is about the first large-scale, electronic, digital computer that was developed to assist in the preparation of firing tables for artillery during WWII. ENIAC marked the beginning of the modern computing era.
Read more about the first six programmers of the ENIAC computer. Includes a link to video segments and an interview.
This website contains extensive information on the history of information technology, including interview transcripts, a software history dictionary, virtual exhibits, and more.
Read a biography of this mathematician who foresaw computer programming.
Read a biography of this pioneering computer scientist who invented the compiler.
This is the official website of the inventor of the World Wide Web. It includes a biography, FAQs, Dr. Lee's blog, and more.
"This web site profiles ten individuals whose work has contributed significantly to the development of the Internet."
Explore the links on this site to learn more about computing history, play an interactive "Guess the Computer" game, read biographies of the "nerds" profiled in the documentary, or read the complete transcript of the program.
Explore this follow-up site to the original PBS documentary that explores the origins of the Internet and the Web. Included ar readings about web history, a glossary, and a quiz.
This online lecture is about the history of computing, from ancient times to the invention of the World Wide Web.
This reading lesson is part of an online book on computer literacy and places modern computing in its historical context.
Here are historical concept maps of ARPANET, the precursor to the modern Internet. This site contains numerous maps, visualizations, and graphic representations of the Internet, the Web, and other information networks or "Cyberpaces."
This site is a comprehensive and clearly organized history of the Internet, including information on the Web, Email, Usenet, and more. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links.
Here is an index of internet histories compiled by the Internet Society. NOTE: This site contains a discussion group.
Learn about the Gopher protocol, the precursor to the World Wide Web.
Read the latest technological news. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site has a timeline (and quotes)about computers through the years. NOTE: Two links at the bottom lead to online messages posted by a variety of people. NOTE: The site has some outdated information.
These sites are about basic computer operations and parts. Learn about the Internet, mouse, keyboard, and basic computer software. Includes information about the history of computers and basic computer software. There are links to eThemes Resources on keyboarding skills, Internet Safety, and Excel.
These sites have tips and advice on how children and young adults can use the Internet safely. Includes tips on surfing, chat rooms, and about not giving out personal information on the web. There are online games and activities that teach lessons about Internet safety. There are also pledges and certificates that children can sign. Includes eThemes resources on using online journals and blogs.
These websites are about the occupations in information technology. Many of the careers are computer-related. Read about the various careers and the skills and education required for each career. There are links to eThemes on career exploration and career interest assessments.
These sites are about the history and impact of advances in communications technologies, including the printing press, computers, and the Internet. Also includes links to sites about pioneers such as Johannes Gutenberg, Lady Lovelace, Charles Babbage, Tim Berners-Lee, Al Gore, and others associated with the topic. Includes lesson plans, quizzes, and a link to two eThemes resources entitled "History of Computer Technology and the Internet" and "Famous People: Bill Gates".

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