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Literature Awards: Show Me Readers Award Nominees 2004-2005

These websites are about the books and authors nominated for the Show Me Readers Award in 2004-2005. Find out which books were nominated and which books won. Read more about the authors. Also includes activities, lesson plans, and book reviews.


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Find out how the nominated books and the award book is chosen. Click on "Current Winners" to see which of the nominated books won.
This is the official website of authors Mary Jane Auch and Herm Auch who wrote the nominated book "Princess and the Pizza." Find out about all of their books.
Use the numerous ideas and book guide to enjoy "The Princess and the Pizza". Additional princess books are suggested.
Find out about the author of "Epossumondas" on her official website. Includes information about all of her books.
Your students will enjoy listening to "Eppossumondas" and the accompanying art activity. Note: This site contains ads.
Read about the author of "Lucky Boy." Includes an address where you can write to the author.
This website is all about the nominated book by Jackie Hopkins. Find out about the author and illustrator, preview the book, and play games.
Learn about the author, her books and new work. Information about school visits is included.
Read an interview with the author and the illustrator of "Story for Bear."



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