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History of Spices

These sites focus on the history of spices. There is information on the spice trade route, the discovery of spices, origins of spices, and benefits of spices. Includes a spice encyclopedia, timelines, and lesson plans.


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Look up information regarding sources, traditional ethnic uses, taste and aroma, history/region of origin, storage tips, and quick cooking ideas of various spices.
This is an encyclopedia of herbs and spices. Choose the name of an herb or spice from the menu on the left to learn more about it. Folklore, recipes, and pictures of each herb or spice are included.
Learn about precious spices of the world which merchants and sailors had to cross the oceans to find the sources of these products.
View the trade routes of cinnamon and clove from Southeast Asia. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This page has a spice time chart. Click links at the bottom of a page to find details of events. NOTE: This site includes banner-ads.
Learn about the health benefits of some common spices, such as garlic, onions, and even marinades.
Here is a lesson plan where students research the uses of spices in our health and foods.
In this lesson plan, students investigate the origins of a variety of spices from around the world and map these locations.
This is an interactive lesson where students learn how to make important decisions about preparing for a trade journey and a route to take through a role play of a spice trader.
This printable four-page PDF file has information about the history of spices, spice terminology, and culinary uses of spices and seasonings.

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