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Hot Air Balloons

These sites are about hot air balloons. Learn about wind currents and other principles that affect the balloons. Watch a video clip of students making balloons. There is a balloon cam and several hands-on activities.


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Learn how a balloon flies and read about the pilots. Click on "Balloon Q & A" for more information. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site has pictures and descriptions of balloons. Why do most gas balloons use helium instead of hydrogen? NOTE: The site includes ads.
Watch video of two school children's balloon flight and find out what they learned about hot air balloons. Play a balloon race game and learn about material density.
Find out to make your own hot air balloon from a plastic bag and hairdryer.
This PBS site is dedicated to hot air balloons and races. Includes teacher resources, interviews, and a virtual balloon flight.
Follow the instructions and make your own hot air balloon.
This site introduces basic working principles of hot air balloons. NOTE: The site includes pop-up advertisements.
Follow the instructions to make your own balloon.
This site offers facts, diagrams, FAQ's, vocabulary terms, and information about rides in the United States. NOTE: The site includes advertising.
This page has instructions on how to build your own air balloon.

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