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Literature: "Curious George" by H.A. Rey

These sites are about the book “Curious George” and author H.A. Rey. Biography of the authors, reviews of the book, discussion questions, lesson plans, games and circus activities are included. There are links to eThemes resources on Chimpanzees and Circus Acts and Animals.


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This is the official website for Curious George which provides information such as the authors' biography and the book series of Curious George. Games, activities, and a song for younger readers are included as well as resources for teachers.
Use this lesson with primary students to create a digital scrapbook of George's adventures at your school.
Watch the do-it-yourself videos for six different circus activities from making a clown face to juggling. Each activity comes with a downloadable activity sheet.
From Thinkquest comes this circus site created by students. Learn about circus acts, the history of the circus, and find links to famous circus websites.
Have fun counting fruit and watching Curious George juggle.
In this lesson, students will learn how chimpanzee's make use of their habitat. Students will make posters to encourage protection of chimpanzees and rainforests.
This link provides 30 video clips of chimpanzees, facts and links to additional types of chimpanzees.
These sites focus on circus animals, acts, and performers. There is historical information about circuses, plus photographs, audio files, and video clips.
These sites are about chimpanzees and their behavior, communication skills, habitat, diet, endangered status, and more. Learn how some chimpanzees in captivity can communicate through sign language and how others in the wild have learned to use tools. There are many video and audio files, plus online games.

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