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Literature: "So B It" by Sarah Weeks

These sites are about Sarah Weeks and her novel “So B. It.” There is also information on phobias and mental retardation. Included are eThemes resources on genealogy and story elements.


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Students can read this review of the book, "So B. It."
View a photograph of Sarah and "See all of Sarah Weeks' books."
Students can visit Sarah's web site. Sarah's web site has information on "Readers Theatre" and "FAQ."
Students can read this review of the book. Students can click on "Listen to an Audio Excerpt" or "Read an Excerpt." NOTE: The site includes ads.
Read two booktalks on "So B. It." NOTE: The site includes ads.
Read a student review on this book.
Here is some information on different phobias.
Read this informational article on mental retardation written for children.
Explore such topics as "How common is mental retardation?" or "What causes mental retardation?"
This medical encyclopedia has extensive information on mental retardation. This text may be too advanced for younger students, but there is good background information for teachers.
Students can read this article "Children With Mental Retardation."
Students can learn about the history of surnames and understand their own uniqueness. Alex Haley wrote a story about his ancestors, find out the facts and write a story about your ancestors. There are different templates for students to create their own family tree. Listen to audio recordings of real immigrants from Ellis Island.
These sites have hands-on activities and graphic organizers to help students understand the different story elements, including plot, setting, and characterization. Also learn about sequencing and cause and effect.
These sites have tips to help students write fiction or narrative stories that entertain. Students will learn about the writing process and the elements of fiction. Sites for publishing student work online are included.

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