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Literature: "The Haunting of Swain's Fancy" by Brenda Seabrooke

Here are websites relating to “The Haunting of Swain’s Fancy” by Brenda Seabrooke and activity ideas for teaching the book. There are sites that could be used in a webquest. You can read a biography of the author and a review of the book. There is information about the Shenandoah Vally, the Civil War, ghosts, and sibling rivalry.


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This teaching guide for "The Haunting of Swain's Fancy" by Brenda Seabrook includes information related to the origins of the book, themes, and suggested activities.
Read a biography of the author. Includes a photograph.
This digital archive contains thousands of letters, diaries, newspapers, and other records from two Shenandoah valley communities, one Northern and one Southern, from the start of the Civil War through the Reconstruction.
Explore this site about sibling rivalry and sibling relationships, one of the main themes of the book.
Students can build on their own knowledge base to write a ghost story or mystery narrative of their own in this lesson for fourth graders. NOTE: This lesson was written with North Carolina folklore in mind, but can be adapted for other geographic locations.

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