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Writing: Writer's Crafts

Writing is a craft that comprises skills, which can be learned using various methods and techniques. These sites examine the craft of writing and offer students many opportunities to practice. There are interactive activities, lesson ideas, advice, bibliographies, and other examples of the writer’s craft. Includes are links to eThemes resoures on 6 + 1 Writing Traits, graphic organizers, purpose, proofreading, and editing.


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This site will help students find on-line writing ideas, writing tips, interactive writing projects, places to discuss and ask for advice about writing from peers or published writers, editing references and places to publish their writing.
This site outlines different teaching and learning strategies for the development of writing abilities, and describes the writing process. Includes a sample writing process checklist.
This interactive site offers story-writing tips, an interactive writing demonstration, on-line text analysis, examples of student writing, and the opportunity to submit your own finished story for publication on the website.
This page offers advice for helping students give their writing more flair with strong leads and memorable closings. Includes a bibliography on the writing craft.
Tim and Moby explain the different reasons why we write. There is also an online quiz. NOTE: Site available by subscription only.
Watch this animated movie with Tim and Moby as they explain the writing process. Includes a quiz and activities. NOTE: Site available by subscription only.
This site contains animations, quizzes, fact sheets, and a range of teaching materials. While aimed at helping British students prepare for their national curriculum tests, the content can easily be adapted for use in American classrooms. NOTE: The Talk link leads to a discussion board.
This site has tips for young authors from children's book author Aaron Shepard. Includes a bibliography and examples of Aaron's writing. NOTE: This site links to a site to subscribe to a newsletter.
The 6 + 1 Writing Traits Model gives students and teachers a common language for talking about writing. The following sites have definitions, descriptions, rubrics, and exercises to help students become familiar with the characteristics of good writing. There are many interactive features so students can practice their own writing and learn how to evaluate effectively. There are video clips, prompts, activates, and examples of writing at different levels of accomplishment, as well as eThemes Resources on grammar, narrative, and text structure.
These sites have printable and interactive graphic organizers to be used in the classroom. Includes KWL charts, webs, clusters, timelines, outlines, fish diagrams, story maps, comparing charts, cause and effect charts, and more. Some sites explain how and why to use graphic organizers in the classroom.
These sites are about persuasive, narrative, and expository writing and why authors write. Includes examples of how to write in these different styles and graphic organizers to help students arrange their thoughts. Read author biographies about their writing and where they get inspiration.
Learn the difference between proofreading and editing. Some websites include tips on how to proofread or edit your work. There are interactive websites for practicing your proofreading skills. Includes a link to an eThemes resource on interactive writing activities.

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