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Math: Unit Price and Comparison Shopping

Use these websites to learn how to calculate unit price and use that knowledge while shopping. Includes quizzes, worksheets, and lesson plans. You can also find out about other ways to save money while shopping. Also included are eThemes on personal finance and estimation.


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Click on "Math," then "Comparing Prices" to view a short movie explaining comparison shopping. Also includes a quiz. NOTE: The website is available by subscription only.
This jeopardy-style game allows students to practice determining unit rate and to do price comparisons.
This online activity provides students with an opportunity to practice determining the unit price of items. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This activity has students collect and organize price-per-unit data using grocery story circulars found online or in a newspaper. NOTE: This site includes ads.
The game provides you the cost per liter, kilogram, pound, etc. of what you want to buy. It is a good way of comparing costs. Choose from US units or metric.
Here are several lesson ideas for using math to shop at the grocery store.
Teach about different ways to save money by using this six-page PDF lesson plan.
Find out why sometimes family sized quantities are not the best buy. Take a quiz on smart shopping.
Read several suggestions to help teachers teach about money and unit pricing.
Learn how to estimate and round numbers and money. These sites include information on math as it relates to money and shopping. There are online activities that allow students to practice estimating and rounding skills. Includes links to eThemes Resource on counting money and money facts.
These web sites help children understand the value of money, learn about banking, credit cards, and budgeting. Kids learn how to earn and save money, choose a credit card, use checking and savings accounts, and balance personal budgets. Includes worksheets, quizzes, games, online interest inventory, and budget calculators. There are links to eThemes Resources on basic concepts of economics, owning an ice cream shop, and taxes.

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