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Matter: Mass and Weight

What is the difference between mass and weight? Find out by using these sites. Includes lesson plans, classroom activities, and animation. There are eThemes resources on metric measurement, gravity, properties of matter, and phases of matter (gas, liquid, and solid).


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Watch Tim and Moby explain about mass and weight. NOTE: Site available by subscription only.
Students can find out what they would weigh on another planet. Students should only put a number in the "Enter your Weight Here." This text may be too advanced for younger students, but there is good background information for teachers.
Teachers can learn about the difference between mass and weight. Note: This site includes ad.
Teachers can learn the difference between mass, weight, and density. Included are instructions to construct a simple mass balance and a weight scale. Note: This site is appropriate for older students.
This lesson plan for fourth graders has them using a balance.
Click on `Weight and mass lecture'. Learn difference of weight and mass through an animated lesson.
Learn about Einstein's concept of mass through an experiment.
In this activity, students will learn about a difference between a concept of mass and weight.
In this lesson plan, students will learn about mass, weight, and gravity. Note: This site includes ads.
These sites are about length, volume, mass, and temperature and the metric system. Learn the history of the system and what the prefixes mean. Includes several sites that do online conversions, games, and in class activities.
These sites explain how the earth's gravity works. Includes photos, simulations, videos, hands-on activities, and online quizzes.
Find out how properties of matter describe its various states. Discover the states of matter that exist on our planet and in the universe. Includes experiments with different states of matter and observing the changes as well as animated movies, lesson plans, worksheets, and online quizzes. Several sites have lesson plans for teachers.
These sites explain and define the three stages (or phases) of matter: gas, liquid, and solid. There is also information about a fourth phase called plasmas. Includes animations of particles, videos, illustrations, and activity ideas. There are link to eThemes resources on the properties of matter and mass and weight.

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