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Missouri: Endangered Animals

Learn which species are endangered in Missouri and how they are determined to be endangered. Read descriptions of different species and their environment. Click on a map of Missouri to find endangered animals by county in the state. Includes eThemes resources on endangered species.


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Scroll down to click on the name of the animal and see a picture as well as a brief description. Learn about the cougar, gray bat, massasauga, peregrine falcon, red wolf, wood frog, and more.
Read about the plants and animals in Missouri that are endangered. Scroll down to click on the link "species guidesheets" to go to a list of endangered plants and animals in Missouri.
Would you know what to do if you found an endangered species in your yard? How would you know if it is endangered? Find out the answers to these questions as well as how many endangered species there are in Missouri, what the word endangered really means, and who determines if a species is endangered.
Learn more about the endangered plant and animal species in Missouri by clicking on the name.
Read this newspaper article about the changing habitats that are threatening endangered species in Missouri. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Read through these activities that focus students on learning how to search the internet. Includes scoring rubric and scavenger hunt complete with web sites.
This lesson plan includes a webquest where students learn what they can do to help endangered species.
Learn about this unique species of salamanders and see pictures in this eight-page PDF file.
This provides a description of the hellbender salamanders and several facts about their habitat.
See a picture and read detailed information about their habitat, diet, reasons for endangerment, and much more.
Learn why the whooping crane is endangered, where they live, and conservation efforts being made to save the species.
These sites have descriptions of endangered species and include explanations for why certain animals are in peril. There are graphic organizers and Venn diagrams. Includes links to many eThemes Resources on habitats and specific endangered animals, such as lemurs, cheetahs, chimpanzees, tigers, and more.

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