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Missouri: Native Trees

These sites provide information about native trees in Missouri. The information includes scientific and common names, growing conditions, uses, pictures, a timeline, and a lesson plan. There are links to eThemes Resources on gardening, trees, and Missouri wildflowers.


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Select native trees of your interest either by common or botanical names to learn about their characteristics and attributes. Pictures are included.
Learn which trees are best to grow in Missouri and their growing conditions.
Select a name of a tree to learn about its characteristics as well as the value to man and wildlife. Information about planting and use charts are included.
Find out what are the most of common trees found in Missouri. Includes information about characteristics that is needed to consider when identifying oaks.
Read the recommended guidelines on selecting trees with descriptions of various species that list important characteristics to keep in mind when planting.
This site provides information that aids in the identification of the tree species in Springfield. The site groups trees by families and arranges the information by leaf type. Interesting facts such as origins and characteristics are included.
Select `Tree ID Animation' to learn about identification skills before proceeding to other parts of the website. Note: This site has a link leads to forums.
These sites offer gardening tips and planting activities for kids. Includes hands-on experiments, lesson plans, quizzes, and photographs of plants and flowers. There are links to two eThemes Resources on plants.
Learn how to identify various species of trees from their leaves. Many sites focus on Missouri trees. Also find out why leaves change color in the fall. Includes a leaf cam, online games, handouts, art activities and other lessons relating to trees. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on Arbor Day.
Wild and native plants provide biodiversity. Learn about the native wildflowers of Missouri. Includes a link to an eThemes resource on gardening.

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