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Music: 20th Century Popular Music

These sites are about twentieth century popular music and musicians. There are biographies, song lyrics, audio and video files, and lesson activities. Learn about popular music and its relationship to popular culture from the turn of the 20th century to the present. Here you will find information on such genres as country, folk, blues, jazz, rock, and more. Included is an eThemes resource on musical genres.


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This site is about the roots of American music and includes biographies, interviews, essays, teachers' resources, and more.
This site has lots of information about the Blues, including biographies, essays, audio files, an interactive map, lesson plans, and more.
This companion website to the documentary film has extensive information about jazz, including musician biographies, discographies, audio samples, timelines, and more.
On this site you can view biographies of classic Motown artists, including discographies and selected audio clips. NOTE: This is a commercial site with items for sale.
This site provides a history of American Country music from its beginnings to the present day. Here you can view photos of country artists and listen to audio clips. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links. NOTE: This site links to sites with discussion forums.
This site is about rural music in the context of the Great Depression and explores the evolution of traditional music into the commerical genre of Country and Western. NOTE: The links to the audio clips are broken.
Here is a profile of country musician Johnny Cash, including a biography, interview, and photo gallery.
Here is a series radio programs the cover various aspects of rural American music and musicians. Topic covered include blues, ballads, women in country, and more.
Listen to this story about Johnny Cash's performance at Folsom Prison, including several excerpts from an original recording of the concert.
This website is about American music along the Mississipi river, from New Orleans to northern Minnesota. Read about the different regions and regional styles of music along the river, view musician biographies, listen to audio files, or watch video clips on this interactive site.
Explore these exhibits to learn about the history of rock 'n' roll, learn facts about musicians, and see various rock artifacts.
This site is about the history of radio in America. Find out how music on the radio has been a cultural battleground, see the growth of radio stations across the U.S. since 1922, and learn about the forefather of modern "shock jocks."
This is Bob Dylan's official website and includes aduio clips, song lyrics, and press releases. NOTE: This site links to a discussion board.
Learn about the jazz age songwriting team of George and Ira Gershwin on this interactive site. Includes a virtual jukebox of some of their most popular tunes.
This site about American folk musician Woody Guthrie contains a biography, photographs, song lyrics, and teacher's resources.
Here is an online exhibit about the history of folk music in American life. Genres such as ballads, hymns, and protest songs are discussed. Includes images of source documents and audio files.
This site contains over 125 audio files of popular songs from the 1920s and 30s. Listen to vintage jazz and dance band recordings. There is also a link to acoustical recordings of songs from 1900-1925. NOTE: This site contains a message board.
Explore this site to learn about the British musicians who gained pupularity in the United States during the 60s. Read about rock icons the Beatles, the Who, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, and more.
Read this article about the original Woodstock music festival that took place in 1969.
Here is a short essay about the history of Rock 'n' Roll and Classic Rock. NOTE: This site contains banner ads and sponsored links.
Search this musical encyclopedia and jukebox to hear clips of popular songs by year, artist, or song title. This site has clips from hundreds of songs and instrumentals from the 60s to the present. NOTE: This site contains ads.
These websites are about various modern genres of music. Learn about jazz, country, rock and roll, mariachi music, and more. Some website include audio and video clips and interactive timelines. There are links to various eTheme Resources on music topics.

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